Success for the Diet Dropout

What people are saying about Success for the Diet Dropout: Proven Strategies for Women who want to Stop Hating their Bodies:

“……hits the nail on the head… an answer for today’s diet woes.” Kate Brausen, columnist, North County Times

“Dr. Goldman’s complete system approach to food, exercise, self-esteem and life will help you embrace a new lifestyle that makes you a winner.” Dee Hakala,  founder of  ‘New Face of Fitness’ and winner of Nike Fitness Innovation Award

How to Win at the Losing Game **

Sixty-five percent of all Americans go on a diet each year. More than half of those last only 30 days. Success for the Diet Dropout: Proven Strategies for Women who want to Stop Hating their Bodies presents a solution to this population.

Nikki Goldman, Ph.D., developed these unprecedented yet simple techniques from her success with her clients as a therapist. While sharing her personal life experience, Goldman shows the reader how to carve out their natural inclination towards health and fitness and let their body find their own natural size. They will lose their preoccupation with food and weight, and never have to diet again.

People tend to put their life on hold until they lose weight. At some point, they get disgusted and drag themselves off the couch to the gym and stick to a diet. After a while, burn-out sets in and they are back to the couch and TV and stuffing themselves with munchies. This ‘all or nothing’ syndrome leads to defeat and despair. Goldman’s clear cut strategies gives the reader a way to design her own plan and put an end to all that.

When ice cream or chocolate calls you and demands that you eat it, turn to the “Body Talk” technique to quiet the voice. The “Food Meditation” teaches you to enjoy food when you’re hungry and forget about it when you’re not. The “Paradox” gives you the psychological edge you need to stop those cravings permanently.

Discover the ‘fat of the matter’ and other diet myths such as…

  • Stress actually causes abdominal fat. **
  • How stress boosts appetite **
  • How to reduce the brain chemical which drives you to overeat **

You can:

  • Take back your life **
  • Feel lighter **
  • Let your body find its natural size. **
  • Win at the losing game **
  • Understand food and body obsessions so you can change them **
  • Find out what’s how stress is responsible for making you fat **
  • Be less hungry with one 5-minute technique a day **
  • Eat and feel satisfied without worry of getting fat **
  • Eat without feeling guilty **
  • Understand the brain chemical which drives you to overeat **

** All results are not typical and may vary