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Client Surprised Insomnia Resolved after feeling Skeptical **

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nikki Goldman for 4 Hypnotherapy sessions and am amazed at the results.  I initially went to see her for sleeping issues and after the first visit, I was sleeping better.  It is now 5 weeks later and I am still sleeping better; my husband even commented that I was sleeping much better.  As I said to her, I was skeptical that after having my sleeping issue for so many years that it could be ‘cured’ seemingly overnight.  She gave me various tools to use while falling asleep and, in addition to the hypnosis, I am able to fall asleep and not be bothered by my issues.  Since having such success with the sleeping problem, I decided to discuss with her my desire to be more open to trying different foods.  We worked on that and one day later I am trying new foods without giving it a second thought.  In fact, I look forward to trying things now.  I am amazed that over 40 years later, I can now try new foods.  I will continue to work with Dr. Goldman especially after my astonishing results and look forward to the positive things that I know are coming my way.**

Thank you,


 Dealing With Abusive People **

From R.F. Dealing With Abusive People **

Sports: Girls Basketball **

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Girls Basketball

Sports: Figure Skating **

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Figure Skating

Testimonial from Carla B. **

‘The day I met Dr. Nikki was the day I got my life back. Dr. Nikki changed my life in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I used to drink way too much, it was literally running my life.  Everything I did was centered around alcohol and it wasn’t even fun anymore. It was just a habit that I did every day.  I thought it was where I found my happiness and relaxation. It  turns out it was the complete opposite.

After going to Dr. Nikki I no longer drink and am truly happy, relaxed, less stressed and feeling free.  I have more energy and am now enjoying life so much more.  It is an absolute great feeling  not to be tied to the bottle!

Thank-you Dr. Nikki! **
Carla B.’

Testimonial From Nancy Boss **

Testimonial: Achieving Multiple Goals with Dr Nikki and Hypnosis ** After leaving the USMC after Operation Desert Storm, I had a lot of concentration and focus issues. I could not…

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“I began sending clients to Dr. Nikki Goldman in 2006 when I was employed by another company. She has been an affiliate of Advanced Hypnosis of America since we started in 2008…She is an excellent clinical hypnotherapist who cares deeply about helping people to achieve lasting and positive changes in their lives. I can highly recommend her services to my clients and know that they will be getting the very best help to achieve their goals” – Valerie L.

“I have had the privilege of observing Nikki Goldman at work on colleagues and other clients, and am very impressed with her creativity, professionalism and results. Dr. Nikki is a master at meeting her clients where they are and working with them to help them achieve the changes they want in their lives. She is amazing!” – Neil B.

“When I came to Dr. Nikki I was having a hard time facing the difficulties in my life. After working with her using hypnotherapy I am able to discern what is going on and find ways to face it and come to resolution on how to handle it. My life is so much happier and I can step out of my comfort zone with confidence. I have been able to do things I never thought I could and enjoy them. Dr. Nikki helped me get my life back.” – Diane H. **

“I have had digestive disorders for over ten years. Traditional Western medicine told me there was nothing wrong with me, but I was in constant pain in my stomach and my abdominal area. I saw Dr. Nikki Goldman and my digestive system is much better now. I am able to eat a wider variety of foods and sleep better also. Dr. Goldman also combined hypnosis and homeopathic approaches, which was great. Thank you!” – Robert S.**

“After working with Dr. Nikki Goldman I was able to concentrate more clearly and able to perform tasks with increased attention and focus. Her ability and knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming is quite impressive” – Vince S.**

“Nikki is amazing. She is able to get to the underlying issues of a situation and determine the actual issue, which many times is different than originally thought. She has been extremely helpful with stressful situations, life choices and finding the root of the issues. She has also worked with my autistic son with wonderful results as well. I have referred many people to her and all have had great results. Most of the time I hear “She has changed my life”.” – Linda N. **

Dr. Nikki **
I just wanted to tell you that I passed the California Bar.  The help you gave me was key to establishing the study habits and process that I needed to pass.  I carried those habits and with me throughout my study period.  It turns out that I also needed to know what the California Bar examiners want so see, that nobody else cares for.  That last piece of information put me over the top, but it would not have worked without the foundation you established.
Thank you so very much.

Valerie A. **

Hi Nikki, **
I just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading your book “Success for the Diet Dropout”.  Considering when you wrote it I was amazed that you were/are so forward thinking. A lot of what you said is being discussed now in the media and I think your message will really resonate with people today. I would definitely recommend your book and will be sending my copy to my girlfriend in MI. Hopefully it will help in her battle with extreme obesity. I was also glad that you mentioned Geneen Roth. She was my guru over 20 years ago and I credit her with my success in overcoming overeating. I’ve met her and her message really resonated with me. I lost 15 pounds and have kept it off for years. But more importantly, I am no longer obsessed with food and I can proudly say, that like you, I eat to live instead of live to eat. **
Julia C.
**All results are not typical and may vary